Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Radio box and Mesh Network

So its been awhile since posting to the site, has been really busy doing things and have not had time to post here.

Here is the latest go box I have made, it serves as my primary box for most things.

This box has a Yaesu 857D with a LDG 200 auto tuner, Yaesu 7900RE, Alinco 220 mobile, Kantronics 1200+ TNC, Signalink Tigertronics TNC and a small Netbook to run packet and digital software such as Echolink and FLDIGI.

There is a battery box (not pictured) that compliments the radio box. In the battery box is the AC to DC power supply, Power gate and a 75AH gel cell battery.

In the setup above I setup this up as a demonstration for the Boyscout Jamboree on the Air, October 2015. FLDIGI was running PSK31 on a Panasonic toughbook (alternate radio stuff laptop). To the left is setup a cellular broadband modem connected to WiFi router. Should have had more space between that and the radios but for what I was doing it wasn't an issue as signals on PSK31 were coming in strong.

The next big project I have been working on is setting up a Mesh-Network that can be accessed about 20 miles from my location. So far a couple of nodes are setup and working on setting up others in remote locations. Those nodes will require a lot more parts as they will not have conventional electrics to hook up too.

No picture yet on the node setup but will get some soon!

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