Sunday, October 27, 2013

Busy season with more to come!

It has been awhile since I posted anything here. While it is not that I didn't want to ... it was a time management issue. As you will see it has been a busy season for me.

I've participated in several exercises this year:

  • Meals on Wheels Bike Race
  • NC State Emergency Drill - Part I
  • Carrier Park Demostration
  • Hot Doggett Bike Race
  • Blue Ridge Breakaway Bike Race
  • NC Special Event Station
  • Asheville Citizen-Times Marathon
 Coming up:
  • Shut-in Trail run
  • NC State Emergency Drill - Part II
And there is always potential for other events that will come up that I have not listed. This year has also been a busy year training wise. I have completed the necessary ICS courses that are required to participate / operate in an emergency situation. These course are required by NC for all ARES members. However in addition to getting just the basic courses that are required I am over halfway done with getting the ICS-300 course and have on the schedule for sometime in early December for the ICS-400 course.

Both of those courses will then allow me to advance my radio training spanning the Amateur realm to the semi-professional realm with the ComT (Communications Technician) and ComL (Communications Leader) courses.

During the summer I've helped in getting a Skywarn group that is based in Buncombe County started. In the past Skywarn while it had a presence in Buncombe County it was not based here and as a result had several issues in its practicality and functionality. However since forming the new local group there has been a distinct lack of weather to report. While not entirely bad in itself ... it has allowed a slower approach to getting some training done within the membership and getting the membership comfortable with what it is we are requested to do. The Carolina Mountain Area Skywarn - WX4CMA group will have some big responsibilities if certain agreements / arrangements come to be.

Winter of 2013 - 2014 will also be busy, I've developed some exercises and training I would like to see done with ARES, there are some holes in the information that exists and that needs to be fixed. Before we can assist any one agency we need to know what we are able to do. Part of this training will be tied to the Mission Winlink System as it should be coming on line over the winter.

I am thinking that winter will be a good growth period for the ARES group and hopefully it will be educational and fun.

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