Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Go-Cart / Radio Cart

I've gotten some pictures of the Go-Cart / Radio Cart; not a whole lot done to it yet. Work has been busy so have not had a lot of time to make many modifications. But here is what I've gotten so far:

Front of cart

 On the front of the cart so far I have my solar battery box, heavy duty power cord, tool bag and a mulch-container tool box that has different types of connectors for electrical and coax. In the solar battery box are 4 -12 volt 7.5 amp hour batteries wired up together to give a total of 30 amp hours. The batteries used are sealed AGM batteries so there is no possibility of leaking. There is also a 10 watt - 12 volt solar panel with a charge controller, and a Anderson power pole plug to hook into a radio or a reserve 109 amp hour deep cycle marine battery. The tool bag has various tools, wire, guide ropes and stakes for the antenna mast tripod.

Back of cart

Here you can see the solar panel through the box and an additional shorter heavy duty power cord. The tool box is mounted semi-permanently to the cart. The cart itself will fold some what flat bringing it to the height of the tool box.

The wheels lock in place which is handy when you don't want the cart moving all around, especially useful during transport.

Have not put the radio box on it yet or the gel cell battery that powers it, both will fit but it will require some rearranging of things to make it work. The cart makes hauling the gear so much easier and quicker.

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