Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Everything is mounted ... well almost everything

The radio box project is quickly coming to a conclusion ... today the power supply, PowerGate and radio were mounted into the frame. A detailed explanation of mounting the power supply is explained in the previous posting.

I will likely have to make some minor changes .... the fans are a lot louder than I would like, which means I am going to find some that are more quiet than the ones I am using now. With the box running and the radio on without transmitting the box is staying at a nice 21.9 C / 72 F. I am sure that even during transmission the box will be able to run cool enough without having to worry about overheating.

Putting a switch to control the fans was considered but I decided that it was better to have the fans run constantly that way if I am away from the box, or another operator is at the box there is never any concern about the box heating up and thus removing human error.

So what's left to do?

I still have to install the external Anderson power pole plugs on the instrument panel which will allow the external gel cell battery to be hooked up and provide a 12 volt Anderson power pole auxiliary plug for a modified LED light with a Anderson power pole plug, or any other 12 volt device with a matching plug.

The RF gasket still has to added to the box, which could require some creative engineering. I would really like to keep the existing rubber seal however I am not sure that is going to be possible yet to do that.

 Rack sitting on the workbench

In the box with AC power

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