Friday, September 21, 2012

Update on internal frame and gasket

I've heard back from my wielding friend the other day, it is taking longer than expected due to the custom fitting of the frame to the curvature of the box. The internal frame instead of being a square will be exactly the same shape as the box, making a tight custom fit. They indicated that the framing is almost done.

The front panel will also be cut out with the same rounded corners to provide a nice appearance, it will be fastened with aluminum rivets to the internal frame. An additional panel will be mounted to the bottom inside of the frame which will provide some mounting points and remove any flexing that may be in the frame.

When the frame is done it will be rubber dipped in the same material used for truck beds and I believe the same coating used as undercoating on vehicles. It will provide a rubber skin to the frame when done.

Don't have any pictures yet, hoping to get over to see what has been sometime in the near future.

The RFI / EFI gasket arrived, Will take a tiny bit of modification to the case but should not be too bad.

The above picture is the RFI / EFI gasket material, which is silicone based impregnated with a lot of tiny aluminum wires. When the lid is closed the connection between the lid should go to the RFI / EMI gasket and then to the outside skin of the can. Thus the internal devices should be shielded. I've sort of tested this in the very beginning by placing my hand held radio tuned to NOAA weather radio on Mt. Pisgah and a separate test with my smart phone.

In both tests I placed a single layer of aluminum foil across the opening of the can and closed the lid. Both the  hand held radio and the cell phone lost contact. This gasket should work in the same manner only better.

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