Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Power supply and Gate

I ordered the power supply yesterday, should be here in couple of days. Decided that to be safe and to do the power hook up the right way that I would also go ahead and get the AC and DC power bridge manufactured by West Mountain Radio.

I got the PWRgate PG40S which has great reviews. This will allow an AC and a DC hook up at the same time without messing up the radio. If the AC side loses power the DC side powers the radio without any interruption.

The power supply is the same brand I use on the base station, a Samlex SEC 1223 with meters for the box I opted to get the model without the meters. Surprisingly this power supply generates almost no heat in my usage of the radio. Maybe during long operations it may produce heat but I've yet to even hear a cooling fan or feel heat from it. I hope that I will have the same results from the one I am using for this project.

The cost for these two devices was $248 including the shipping. This however should be the last of the big purchases. 

Next device I would like to add is a WMR Rigrunner 4004 USB:

While I do not have additional devices to run on the Rigrunner, I can see the advantages of having it, especially with a HF radio. But in this box I have a VHF rig. I don't think that there will be room for this to mounted in this current project, unless I but it in some kind of battery box which I am thinking will be the companion project to the radio box.

Another device I am adding to the radio box is a small AC line filter and protector, while it would be desirable to run off batteries when the AC becomes unstable, however sometimes that is not always an option. Especially when you are on AC power when it becomes unstable.

I have chosen to use the APC P1T 1, which has a low cut off. The device has lightening and surge protection, and noise filtering. This will provide minimum protection for the power supply and subsequently the radio.

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